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Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Costume Extravaganza

Myself, my partner, his adult nephew and our best friend just got back from a fantastic six-day trip to Walt Disneyworld. We’ve got hundreds of photos and a whole bunch of HD video footage of our trip. But until I can grab enough time to prepare a proper trip report (my first) I did want to share our costumes for the Halloween party. If you only look at one photo, here’s the one:

We’ve been working on them for a couple of months. Crazy? Maybe… but I have to say that night was the most fun and exciting time we’ve ever had in the Magic Kingdom!

We are in black from head to toe, including mouse ears. Sewn to the garments is something called EL-Wire. It’s a flexible, battery powered plastic cable. If you’ve ever seen the band Daft Punk on the Grammys or on YouTube it’s the same stuff they wear. We read a bunch of Instructables on the Internet as well as watched some really informative “How to Solder EL-Wire” videos on YouTube and basically just dove in.

Here’s the array of batteries and battery packs we shipped down:

We each had four power inverters and 14 batteries to make it work. Each had two lighted shoes, lighted shorts and t-shirt, and lighted mouse ears. (Shhh… they were from Disneyland – don’t tell.)

Here we are at the Polynesian, just heading out for the night. We were hoping for and expecting a *bit* of attention, but we were overwhelmed how many people not only said “hi!” but also touched us, took photos of their kids with us, and most of all asked us where they could buy their own!

Here we are going over on the monorail. When it pulled into the station to pick us up you should have seen the rubbernecking through the windows! It was excellent!

We began referring to each other as colors which made things even more fun. When we were asked who’s idea it was my companions just pointed at me and said, “Green.” It should be known, however, there was a ton of discussion between all four of us as to how best to approach the costumes. It took a lot of thinking to get down to black clothes and single-color-per-person, for instance. In the end the simplicity of it made things more iconic, I think. And it was something we arrived at as a group.

Here’s Pink and me looking expectantly on the castle in anticipation of HalloWishes beginning. We love that show! We also love the parade… and another unexpected bit of excitement was how the CMs and parade performers reacted to us. When I feel better I’ll cut some video of it to share with you. But a lot of the DisneyFolk stopped us and asked us lots of questions, including what appeared to be some managers. One CM said they’d steal our idea and make a million! (Please don’t forget us next year when the characters are lined in EL-Wire, Mr. Iger. We’d be happy with some passes, probably.)

It was a magical night.

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